Onsite or Face to Face Case Management for Employers

Dedicated, routine clinics on your site; an independent and ‘in-house’ service

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On-demand Telephone Service

Flexible, responsive telephonic referral service, cost effective for ad-hoc referrals on demand

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Health Risk Management

To meet your requirements for health and safety regulations and fitness to work standards

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Health and Wellbeing

A comprehensive package of solutions to maximise health in your workforce

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Occupational Health Matters & Health and Wellbeing Services

We deliver occupational health services nationwide that are cost efficient, high quality and professionally led

Health and Lifestyle Assessments

Questionnaire surveys or mini-medicals, enabling employees to identify lifestyle or health issues

Counselling and CBT Therapy

Psychological services which are NICE approved and accredited

Stress Management

Helping you to manage pressure at an individual and organisational level

Trauma EMDR Therapy

Emotional support and crisis intervention for trauma-related issues, NICE approved

Latest News

16th May 2016

Stress - Employees bring their skills, aspirations, burdens, and vulnerabilities to work A systematic review of effective workplace interventions for people with common mental health problems (British Occupational Health Research Foundation) has found that these interventions should be cognitive in nature. The evidence found that early psychologic...

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"West Yorkshire Police was supported by Occupational Health Matters Limited in a management collaborative approach, reducing absence by more than 50% in Communications Division between 2000 - 2003 and conducted Absence Management Training to supervisors on a consultancy basis in 2009. The original (2000 - 2003) initiative was initially a Home Office funded/approved project, and was declared an unqualified success by the host division in their official Home Office report. The methodology used has since been adopted as standard procedure across West Yorkshire Police.."

~ Rod Wark, Retired West Yorkshire Police Officer (Chief Inspector - Workforce Development)

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